WHEELS (2020) 🤩

Illustration by Tarush Mohanti

"This is why you're going to be good. Quick doesn't work. You want real results? Start small and then build it up." - Liza, Wheels (2020) This is the only movie about DJs that hasn't made me cringe. WHEELS follows a young Brooklyn kid trying to make it as a DJ, balancing his complicated life on his way up.

Clocking it at only an hour and twenty minutes, WHEELS provides a well-paced slice of life of its protagonist, introducing us to a rich assortment of characters in its relatively short runtime.

Best of all, writer and director Paul Starkman is able to maintain a sense of tension without dread. The film may have benefited from a bit more emotional dynamic, but in 2021, who needs more drama? WHEELS is available wherever you rent or buy movies.


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