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As the characters on ZOEY have a “Check-in Chicken Dinner” for their emotions, I couldn’t help but think the writers should do the same. After a triumphant return last week that demanded second helpings, GIRL'S NIGHT can't even make it past the “tater tots” to the main course.

The stinker this week was sadly Bernadette Peters, belting out an awful rendition of Sia’s CHEAP THRILLS. My how the mighty Broadway star has fallen. Elsewhere the winners were the N’Sync cover of IT’S TEARING ME APART and Alice Lee's inventive bathroom dance sequence to Halsey’s GASOLINE. #MVPMandyMoore

While the gender flop of a “girls night” with the guys at home getting facials and the girls out dancing drunk was clever, it wasn’t enough to save this episode from falling back into its old traps. My only reason for the 😊 instead of 🤮 is Alice Lee’s postpartum depression performance as Emily. She nails every scene and her emotional final sequence with her husband David should make any viewer 😢.

It’s available on NBC / Peacock.

I get way too into fictional universes. I've been loving the INVINCIBLE animated series on Amazon and waiting an entire week proved too difficult - which prompted me to buy and read the digital version of INVINCIBLE: COMPENDIUM ONE. The collection contains INVINCIBLE comic issues #0-47 (trade paperback volumes 1 through 9) and is one of three compendiums. I'm a nascent comic reader, so I can't say how this compares to other comics. That being said, I loved it - and the biggest surprise to me is how the animated series (so far) is making some major improvements to the comic in terms of a streamlined story and inclusivity. If you've been following the series, the comic has a different chronology. So, if you're trying to avoid spoilers, you may want to wait until the animated series finishes its run. While the comic has a wider array of zany characters, the animated series seems to be focusing on character development (also, the comic is less gory).

All in all, INVINCIBLE: COMPENDIUM ONE is a fun romp, and I can't wait to read more. If you're liking the show, you need to experience the Invincible comics now!

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Say what you will about Whedon and his crew (including longtime Buffy collaborator, Jane Espenson who penned this episode) but after only a single episode, it didn't take long for me to be absolutely endeared with these characters, their well-being, and their relationships. EXPOSURE builds off last week's chaotic start to clarify a great deal up in a single hour. While still busy, it's also incredibly productive. And though it does continue to pose questions, which a first season, second episode should, they're already painting a larger picture of who's involved with what in two episodes. That's something that would make a show like WANDAVISION blush with envy.

You'll notice this episode is absolutely brimming with humor, and chemistry among its recently-introduced leads (particularly between Ann Skelly and Tom Riley who play the "Simon-and -Kaylee-adorkable-couple" prototype--yeah, yeah, you've seen it before. I don't care. Doesn't make it unpleasant, and doesn't keep me from loving both characters and rooting for them). It charms, but more importantly, it's also purposeful, offering us early clues about characters for greater motivations from the players involved, while still showing-not-telling.

Much like X-MEN, THE NEVERS allows you to root for and sympathize with its misfits, but poses great questions regarding the politics behind a monumental change to the world, such as the creation of The Touched, and their various turns, and what that means for society. And I grew up with and love X-MEN. So nothing could appeal to me greater than the politics behind misunderstood individuals with powers and the prejudice society has against them, including those who seemingly "support" them. While some may say it's overplayed, I still find it compelling. And as such, you can count on me to firmly and excitedly continue watching THE NEVERS, so long as it remains equally as compelling. And it only took two episodes to deepen that sentiment within me. Deal with it.


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