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Stacey Abrams, a black woman who unsuccessfully ran for governor of Georgia in 2018, narrates this journey of voter suppression in the United States, from the creation of our constitution that only allowed white male landowners to vote, right through to her contentious election, where her opponent was the Secretary of State in Georgia, responsible for certifying the election. Crazy right? The Supreme Court decision in 2013 to gut a majority of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, set in motion an avalanche of rules enacted by many states in the United States to simply make it more difficult for our citizens to vote.

The creepy thing is that Donald Trump, in 2020, co-opted huge amounts of the themes of voter fraud illuminated here. But in his case, while dozens of lawsuits were thrown out, there are only the statistics cited here – US citizens not being able to vote for any one of a dozen reasons.

ALL IN – THE FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY shows us why the United States is at the bottom of the list of world democracies when it comes to access to voting.

It's available on Amazon Prime Video.

  • estagr

CALL ME KAT is a direct steal from the popular British version called MIRANDA staring Miranda Hart. I loved MIRANDA. I watched the entire series several times. The cast and their craziness always made me laugh out loud. Not so for CALL ME KAT.

I have to say I adore Mayim Bialik. She has a smile that could light up any ordinary day, but I feel as though she and the entire cast are pushing and forcing their lines too much. They have not found their footing. MIRANDA was easy to watch and enjoy. It took no effort.

CALL ME KAT is copying every comedic gimmick from breaking the fourth wall to including the same type of characters and plot lines, to even the opening and closing sequences. Yet, it still does not work as MIRANDA did and it is painfully obvious.

I wanted to love this show, but so far all I can say is, I am not.

CALL ME KAT is available to stream or not on Fox.

  • mikejmanalo

Even though it's trending at #1 on Netflix right now, you should avoid this one at all costs. This terrible attempt to make a teen-angst BUFFY/HARRY POTTER/CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA knock off out of an extinct Nickelodeon cartoon show for girls features the stupidest main character in the history of tween dramas since Bella Swan, coupled with tired tropes, and racist white-washing of Asian and Latino characters. Add to the fact that literally nothing of interest happens in 5 out of the 6 episodes outside of goofy romance, bad unearned relationships, poor chemistry between the ensemble, and even worse decisions on the part of all characters involved, one can only hope the saga will die at Season 1.

I realize not many people saw last year's underrated WARRIOR NUN, which was campy good fun. However, after viewing FATE: THE WINX SAGA, I'd be willing to give every Emmy conceivable to NUN in a heartbeat.

Skip this putrid display of tween garbage, and let it continue to fester and rot on Netflix for god knows how long.


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