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    Gemini Man

    My review of Christoper Nolan’s “Dunkirk” can also be applied for Ang Lee’s latest technically appealing but emotionally vacant film, “Gemini Man.” Just swap director and film names below for the #SpoilerFreeReview:

    “As Christopher Nolan’s technical craftsmanship improves (“Dunkirk”), the empathy on the screen decreases.”


    “Jexi” is a great movie…to stream at home.

    Also, it has some of the best “Days of Thunder” references. #Thunderhead


    “Joker” is beautiful / ugly cinema that is both reckless in its portrayal of violence in the world and inspiring. It emulates dark cinema like “Requiem for a Dream” and the brilliant Scorsese pictures it pays homage to.

    It’s nothing short of a masterpiece.


    “Judy” is a go for broke bio-pic/character study about a woman obsessed with changing her life for the better by taking all the wrong actions.

    In other words, it is the best female Paul Thomas Anderson film not directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.


    Yeti or not, there is another Bigfoot movie for families to see this year (last year was “Smallfoot”).

    While “Abominable” may be lacking in originality, it makes up for it with gorgeous visuals and score, along with a story that strongly portrays grief that will melt even the coldest snowman’s heart.

    Ad Astra

    The profoundly stunning visual space sequences in “Ad Astra” can’t hide the fact the story could’ve been solved if Brad Pitt just went to a therapy session to discuss his daddy issues.


    “Hustlers” is a superficial fun female version of “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

    For all the chat about J Lo’s awesome performance, Constance Wu totally steals the pole…I mean show.

    Brittany Runs a Marathon

    For every step forward “Brittany Runs a Marathon” does for female rom-com leads, it takes a step backwards with an unfriendly “run” time that should’ve been completed in a half marathon’s timing.

    IT: Chapter Two

    “IT: Chapter 2” is the “Matrix 3” of horror sequels…

    Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw"

    “Hobbs and Shaw” is a fun combo of John Woo cheese and Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer 90’s comedy action.*

    *This may or may not be because of the three White Claws consumed while watching it.

    Ready or Not

    Believe it or “not,” I was not “ready” for the macabre fun in one of the most entertaining genre pics of 2019: “Ready or Not.”

    Good Boys

    Even though “Good Boys” is not as smart nor as funny as “Book Smart,” it has more heart than “Eighth Grade.”

    Dora the Explorer

    The new “Dora the Explorer” flick is a fun “National Treasure” like adventure for kids and adults that Swiper should swipe right on.

    The Farewell

    “The Farewell” is a visual poem based on a true lie disguised as a character study.

    It can be distant at times, but when it’s over, audiences won’t want to say farewell to the characters that will stick with them long after the closing credits.

    Blinded by the Light

    “Blinded by the Light” is a “born to run” crowd-pleasing hit that is Gurinder Chadha’s best film to date.

    Yes, audiences have seen this generic concept countless times before, but they haven’t seen it with the duet of The Boss and a soulful performance by young Indian Jake Gyllenhaal (Viveik Kalra).

    Eighth Grade

    “Eighth Grade” is the best suspense film of the summer.

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s” first 2 hours and last 40 minutes are like pickles and ice cream. It‘s two of my favorite things when separate, but when combined together, it doesn’t mix…unless you’re are pregnant.

    The Lion King

    The Uncanny Valley causes “The Lion King” to lack the emotional impact of the original and ask “why” do we need another remake? It’s nowhere near a disaster, but it’s nowhere near the classic we all remember.


    A “Midsommar” conflicted #SpoilerFreeReview better told via letter grades than opinion for this summer’s most polarizing film:

    Opening Sequence = A+

    Ending = F

    Everything else = B