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Like a fine game of chess, THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT feels a bit long and takes patience and focus, but it is always compelling and ultimately winning, especially given a fantastic performance from Anya Taylor-Joy, and a really smart sense of slow-burn tension building from episode to episode, courtesy of LOGAN co-writer, Scott Frank’s sharp scripts and direction. You should definitely—Check—it out!

It is available to stream on Netflix!

11 Nights of Halloween: FOREIGN - THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE

Guillermo del Toro on THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE: “The politics within the walls of the school serve as a microcosm for the politics raging outside: Fascists, Communists and Republicans all vie for supremacy.”

Rule #750 in horror, “thou shalt not kill kids.” When thou does, the rules are thrown out the window.

Leave it to Del Toro to not only break the rules in this overlooked Spanish orphanage ghost story, but also have a timely hidden political theme expertly woven into the film’s fabric.

It is available to rent on Amazon, Google, Vudu, YouTube and iTunes.

On the surface, the latest Sophia Coppola film is an excuse to re-team with the charismatic Bill Murray for another subtle adventure into existential life crisis. Underneath that though is a somber story about a father realizing that his daughter has her own adventures now.

It is available on Apple TV+


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