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    Jumanji: The Next Level

    Jumanji: The Next Level is the perfect example of sequelitis. It has more action, humor, body-swapping and characters yet the cleverness from the first is simple MIA.

    If only it was a real game and when I got to the “Insert Coins to Continue” screen, I could’ve just walked away to save my money.

    Uncut Gems

    Adam Sandler’s performance is the real gem in Uncut Gems, a messy masterpiece that is an inside fictional look at the life of a neurotic Jewish New Yorker. It’s a two-hour plus climax of a movie that had my ❤️beat up 10BPM throughout the entire experience.

    Oh, and two extra points for not only having the most stressful finding afikomen scene in cinema history but also getting a great performance out of NBA legend, KG.

    Little Women

    Tired of Christmas shopping / the holiday rush? Check out Little Women, in theaters…It’s an outdated adaptation of a stuffy story that critics already love and will soon be putting audiences to sleep nationwide.

    #TheBestNappingExperienceof2019 #MyWifeSaidPuttheSunsGameOn

    Richard Jewell

    Richard Jewell is a slow-burn biopic that utilizes Clint Eastwood’s minimalistic style to tell an emotionally charged story lead by an Oscar caliber performance from Paul Walter Hauser.

    In other words, it is a small jewell of a film.

    Knives Out

    Knives Out is the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory version of an Agatha Christie mystery. I really wanted it to be Rian Johnson’s masterpiece, but I’ve come to accept that Daniel Craig’s performance is the theatrical masterpiece of the film.

    The Report

    Watching The Report is like doing a book report in school. It’s not enjoyable, but you might just learn something after you complete it.

    Jojo Rabbit

    A SpoilerFreeReview rabbit hole captured in two viewings:

    Viewing One: Jojo Rabbit is the most original film of the year and an instant hipster classic courtesy of Taika Waititi.

    Viewing Two: Jojo Rabbit falls short of being a hipster classic that demands repeat viewings like Waititi’s true masterpiece, Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Why? The Mel Brooks inspired farce with a touch of Wes Anderson gets too much screen time, muting the emotional impact that could’ve reached the emotional heights of Life is Beautiful.

    Viewing Results in other words: My wife cried a lot.

    Dark Waters

    Dark Waters may be based on a chemical substance, but nothing is artificial in this true-life understated Atticus Finch like movie that is easily Todd Haynes best work to date.

    Playing with Fire

    Kid SpoilerFreeReview: “It was better than Frozen II and the best part were the fart jokes.”

    Adult SpoilerFreeReview: “Worst movie of the year and the best part were the end credits with 1990 inspired outtakes.”


    Honeyboy is a compelling therapy session where Shia LaBeouf “Inceptions” his own demons on the screen by playing his dad in an unnerving first account of parental drug addiction.

    Just Mercy

    Just Mercy is the predictable true courtroom drama that could’ve been based on The Green Mile.

    A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

    A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is less of a movie about Fred Rogers and more of a character study about the broken journalist he inspired. By framing the movie just like the TV show, it turns simple, predictable and cliched Mr. Roger worthy lessons into profound cinematic greatness with several #IAmNotCryingYoureCrying moments.

    The Peanut Butter Falcon

    The Peanut Butter Falcon is like a hybrid between a classic Mark Twain buddy adventure and the southern fairytale setting of Kate DiCamillo’s children book, Because of Winn-Dixie.

    It’s that rare feel-good indie movie that reminds audiences that even the roughest protagonists, more often than not, “have a good guy heart.”

    Ford v Ferrari

    Ford v Ferrari is crowd-pleasing near award worthy entertainment in search of an emotionally satisfying climax.

    In other words, it runs out of gas just as it’s about to complete the perfect lap.

    Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep is a haunting nuanced story, shining most during its quiet reflective moments that capture the sadness of death.

    Mike Flanagan may be a new master in horror, but the movie falters due to its episodic structure that would have made a better 6-part mini-series on Netflix vs a feature film.

    But hey, at least it is much better than It: Chapter II.

    Frozen 2

    Do “the next right thing” and see “Frozen II” this holiday season. It’s the sequel I didn’t know i needed that is darker, more mature, funnier and with an epic “I’m not crying, you’re crying” adventure that’s greater than the first.

    Oh, and the songs…yes, you will be hearing them at a karaoke bar on repeat soon.

    Dolemite is My Name

    Take the generic “making a movie” formula (“Bowfinger,” “Ed Wood, “The Disaster Artist”), add in style, substance and the Godfather of rap played with gusto by Eddie Murphy and you get the funny big-screen worthy Netflix comedy, Dolemite is my Name.

    A great throwback to a time when movies didn’t have any 2019 PC responsibilities and could just be dirty fun not intended for the entire family.


    Critics are dinging Harriet for being a formulaic bio-pic when it should instead be critiqued for 1st act pacing issues with an overuse of flashbacks.

    Audiences will fall in love with Terrance Blanchard’s score, John Toll’s cinematography and Cynthia Erivo’s award worthy performance.

    The film lands squarely in-between it’s RT critic 72% and Audience score 98%, making it a solid B.

    Also, Nickelodeon’s Harriet the Spy sadly does not make a cameo.

    Terminator: Dark Fate

    Terminator: Dark Fate is a good not great reboot/origin story with a hispanic female protagonist taking the place of a buff 90’s American action hero.