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    The content in THE SOCIAL DILEMMA is extremely important for us to know #WeAreTheProduct. However, the delivery utilizes scare tactics and laughable dramatic scenes that would be more at home on Fox News / CNN.

    Tl;dr - I pressed “Like” instead of the “Heart” emoji upon completing it.

    It is available to on Netflix.


    BOYS STATE is a captivating political microcosm that depicts a group of Texas testosterone filled teenage boys…in other words, it’s a future recap of the 2020 elections.

    It is available on Apple TV+


    GREYHOUND is an extremely technical war movie that is technically, “just okay.”

    It is currently available for submersion on Apple TV+


    I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS is a failed David Lynch writing exercise by Charlie Kaufman, where you will be thinking of ending the film and cancelling your Netflix subscription well before it’s over.

    Tl;dr - this is by far the worst movie of the year and makes the NEW MUTANTS look like a masterpiece.

    It is currently available to substitute as melatonin on Netflix

    MULAN 🏡

    MULAN tries really hard to be an action packed “reflection” of our times, but the movie’s “Chi” is too emotionally shallow and mundane to be “worth fighting for” aka the thirty dollar price tag.

    It is currently available to purchase on Disney+ for $30

    Friendly reminder on the emojis in the SpoilerFreeReviews:

    • 🍿- see it now
    • 🏠- wait to stream it for free
    • 🤮 - skip it

    GET DUKED! 🏡

    GET DUKED! is a strange brew of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME, HAROLD AND KUMAR and a splash of HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE that surprisingly works!

    At a brisk 86min it is tough not to go down the rabbit hole & become a fan of first time director, Ninian Doff!

    It is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video!


    The two-year delayed latest in the X-MEN franchise will not only go down as the worst in the series, but possibly the worst film of 2020.

    Here’s hoping this trash doesn’t shut down the outdoor movie experience before it begins.

    It is currently available to sleep 😴 through at drive-in theaters


    After two non-bogus journeys aka viewings, I can confirm that BILL AND TED FACE THE MUSIC is a most excellent adventure where two dudes (and their families) are not limited by their “station.”

    It is currently available on-demand to rent via Amazon, Google, Apple, Vudu and FandangoNow


    This comically tragic documentary captures the “wet and wild” dangers of being a child in the 80’s, a water park without rules, underage drinking, snakes and the absurdities that one can get away with in Jersey (“everything’s legal in New Jersey”).

    I am shocked that there hasn’t been a “Wolf of Wall Street” like feature film based on Gene Mulvihill’s life…shoot, I now have a screenplay to write. ;)

    It is available to stream on HBOMax


    PROJECT POWER takes two far superior BATMAN BEYOND episode themes (SPLICERS and SLAPPERS) and drags them out in an overly-violent two hour sci-fi thriller that thrills less and bores more.

    It’s a shame because the real powerhouse of the film is the star making performance by Dominique Fishback, who shockingly uses her superhero acting skills to go head-to-head with screen vets - Joseph Gordon Levitt and Jamie Foxx.

    For an experience that thrills more and bores less, check out director Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman’s previous 2016 flick, NERVE on Amazon Prime.

    It is available to stream on Netflix


    A near indie gem’s 1st act depicting isolation drowns for a bit too long, preventing WADE IN THE WATER from swimming in the deep-end of the fully-lived in emotions it wants the audience to soak in. First-time feature director Mark Wilson keeps things afloat on a shoe-string budget that allows actor Danika Golombek to breathe life into the second act as she submerges as the protagonist / real star of the film.

    It’s not an easy viewing experience, but it’s one that you won’t be able to towel dry from once you leave the water.

    It is available to rent on Amazon Prime Video as of 08/21

    HOWARD 🍿

    “Great artists give you a way of looking at the world that you never saw before. And the only way they can do that is to show you their world.”

    HOWARD is a pitch-perfect documentary that shows audiences how to be a part of Howard Ashman’s world. There are a lot of beasts in the telling of his narrative, but there are more beauties in this love letter to the man that revolutionized the animated musical.

    It is available to stream on Disney Plus.


    AN AMERICAN PICKLE aspires to be a full sour serious film about loss, yet the tone is too jarring to support the half sour themes. Instead, we have to “dill” with a Seth vs Seth sausage party “a salt.”

    In other words, a Pickle Rick cameo would’ve been a welcome addition.

    It is available to avoid on HBOMax


    THE RENTAL is a taut uncomfortable 88-minute movie that is not for the squeamish. Writer/Director Dave Franco hosts a five star enjoyable coastal cabin that doesn’t quite land the check out experience.

    It is the perfect rental to convince audiences to shelter-at-home. ;)

    It is available to stream at a “slashed” rate of $6.99 via Amazon, Google, Apple, Vudu and FandangoNow


    Director Gina Prince-Bythewood created one of the most thoughtful coming-of-age romantic movies, LOVE & BASKETBALL. In her latest film, she attempts to take that same thoughtful approach to the action genre with mixed results.

    My pitch after seeing the long-winded dialogue scenes that repeat the same themes at nauseam is this - if content creators now have full creative control to let scenes run long, audiences should be allowed to view those scenes in podcast enabled 1.5x speeds.

    With that feature, THE OLD GUARD would feel new. As it stands, it just feels tired and…wait for it…old.

    It is currently available to stream on Netflix


    “I decided a while ago to stop trying to make sense of things altogether because the only way to really live in this is to embrace the fact that nothing matters,” says Nyles.

    “Then what’s the point of living?” Sarah asks

    Nyles replies, “Well, we don’t have a choice but to live, so I think your best bet is just to learn how to suffer existence.”

    What could easily be a quote about 2020 is actually from the best romantic comedy of the year - PALM SPRINGS.

    I am giddy to have spoiler filled conversations about this fun and insightful movie, but will refrain. I’ll simply state - Cristin Millioti is easily the GOAT of PALM SPRINGS as she teaches Andy Samberg’s character that there is “nothing worse than going through this shit alone.”

    It is currently available to stream on Hulu


    There is no replacing theatre with a video experience, yet HAMILTON shockingly comes close to being as outstanding and immersive as it is on Broadway.

    Going to the theatre is an experience - so why not treat this event like one? I encourage you to put down your phones, dim the lights, gather the members of your cabinet (physical or virtual) and enjoy being in “The Room Where It Happens.”

    Why is it so good? You will have to “Wait for It,” and tell your “Story of Tonight” post experiencing it.

    I do hope the seeds that HAMILTON plants help shape others legacies and continues to “Burn” inside long after seeing it as it has for me 4+ years ago at the Richard Rogers theatre. And if it does my #SpoilerFreeReview friends, that is the magic of life changing theatre. 🎭

    It is currently available to stream on Disney Plus


    After John Stewart’s IRRESISTIBLE, here comes another film with great actors / producers that cannot decide on the film’s tone. Is it a gross-out comedy, a sweet romance, a musical or a competition picture?

    EUROVISION successfully fails to be all of the above (a feat not easy to do), leaving audiences wanting to vote themselves out from this competition.

    It is currently available to avoid on Netflix


    John Stewart’s latest movie, IRRESISTIBLE is unfortunately an unfunny political version of DOC HOLLYWOOD. The tone of the movie is so inconsistent and it cannot decide if it is a small-town farce, a political message flick or a meaningful drama.

    If it wasn’t for an all-star cast, a clever climax and the documentary inspired credits, this movie would be nearly unwatchable.

    It is currently available on-demand to rent via Amazon, Google, Apple, Vudu and FandangoNow


    Critics are hailing MISS JUNETEENTH as “a movie for this moment.” That is definitely true, it’s just too bad the moments are so plodding, softening the impact of the tremendously empathetic mother/daughter bond at the heart of Channing Godfrey Peoples directorial debut.

    Regardless of that critique, lead actor, Nicole Beharie turns in a quietly restrained award worthy performance as a mother pushing her failures on her daughter to be the beauty pageant winner instead of just listening to what her daughter really wants.

    It is currently available on-demand to rent via Amazon, Google, Apple, Vudu and FandangoNow