Zoey's season finale does its best to "Shake It Off" and get back on track. For the most part, it succeeds as Zoey finally learns a lesson from a dream sequence with her father too, "keep an open mind, a little bit of faith, and the rest will work itself out."

If the show does survive for a season three, it will be exciting to see what happens and who's "Still Standing" from the wake of the shocking cliffhanger moment.

The MVP this week was again Peter Gallagher doing a soulful rendition of One Republic's "I Lived" that's sure to make all parents out there watching reach for the Kleenex.

ZOEY comes down to what happens "When a Man Loves a Woman." The results of what man loves what woman kept audiences tuning in all year. Luckily, they won't have to tune in anymore because the creators finally answer that question with the show's biggest reveal to date.

I am glad that I stuck around for the finale on NBC/Peacock TV. It was surprisingly better than what has come before it this past season.


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