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This week’s episode of ALLEN v. FARROW dug deeper into Woody Allen’s film history. The research made the case over and over for Woody’s well-used plot line of an older man and a much younger woman involved in an intimate relationship.

I am not sure why most everyone accepted the idea of a man, 50 years plus, would be seen as “normal” while he enjoys the company of a teenage girl. Yes, I get the flattery and ego- boosting, but in my world and those around me, this was not a “normal” scenario.

There is strong evidence brought into daylight of Woody and his relationship with his youngest daughter Dawn. During this hour, Dawn allowed a decades old recording of her as a child be seen and heard. It describes what happened to her one afternoon. Chilling.

ALLEN v. FARROW also went into details about Soon-Yi and their blossoming relationship. This documentary does not have any direct responses from Woody since he refused to comment. The director did intersperse quotes from Soon-Yi and Woody’s testimony during the trial decades ago.

This docu-series is intense and at times difficult to watch due to subject matter, but it deserves your attention.

ALLEN v. FARROW is available to stream on HBO MAX.


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