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Collaborative review from Tarush, DigitalJami, Mike and Aaron on WANDAVISION's groundbreaking limited series..

Tarush Mohanti

Season review: 🤩

Favorite MCU movie: ANT-MAN

WandaVision is the perfect reflection of how much the line between movies and TV has blurred. We basically got a midnight-Marvel premiere every week for 2 months - complete with the humor, action, and fan theories that make the movies great. But WandaVision could only really work as a TV show and I liked the throwback sitcom episodes as entertaining (if not more) than the more typical Marvel fare.

Mike Manolo

Season review: 🤩


WANDAVISION represents a bold and different direction for the MCU that was new, ambitious, and brilliant. The sheer fact that the franchise just did a sitcom/comic book/drama hybrid—something COMPLETELY unheard of—and pulled it off is a testament to how well thought out this franchise is under the leadership of Kevin Feige, and is indicative of why after 23 movies it’s still the most popular, collectively well received franchise in history; and it deserves to be! It employs a masterful “show not tell” approach to keep it compelling week after week, and yet at the end, manages to smartly focus on a simple, heartfelt, somber, character driven story of grief and loss and their effects on people who have spent their lives enduring tragedy.


Season review: 🤩


After the first full year since 2008 without a single MCU movie, WANDAVISION was a welcome follow-up and gave two very deserving characters their time to shine. While the sitcom nostalgia and superhero tricks were fun, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany’s superb performances gave the show a consistently strong core and a wonderful emotional nuance often lost in these types of shows. WANDAVISION is a must-see for Marvel fans and can easily be enjoyed by the casual superhero fan or anyone who hasn’t seen a moment of the MCU.

Aaron Goldstein

Season review: 😊

Favorite MCU movie: DOCTOR STRANGE

Just when I thought that WANDAVISION was “not that kind of show,” the ENDGAME, aka series finale, proved that it is exactly the kind of Marvel series audiences have come to expect. While this is nowhere near the letdown of the mystery series LOST, it just didn’t soar to the heights of the most recent (and best comic book TV series of all time) WATCHMEN. As the characters in WANDA learn how to say goodbye, there’s no doubt that audiences won’t have to since these characters will more than likely be saying hello again in future MCU universe movies.


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