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2007 - They did a live-action Alvin and the Chipmunks movie

1996 - Bugs Bunny played basketball with Michael Jordan

1988 - Roger Rabbit shared the screen with Bob Hoskins

1945 - Jerry the Mouse did a live action dance with Gene Kelly.

Why am I listing all this? Because it's 2021, and movies from up to 75 years ago not only have better visuals than TOM AND JERRY (2021), but are actually better movies -- YES EVEN FRIGGIN ALVIN!

That's how bad this movie is! Taking the core charm of the violent slapstick of the classic series, and destroying that with an "upbeat hip-hop" soundtrack, skateboarding tricks, and drone scenes reeks of desperate old studio executives getting into a room and creating an actual "Poochie the Dog" situation with TOM AND JERRY. It's pathetic! As is the movie itself!

We know Michael Pena is funny. We've seen ANT-MAN. We know Chloe Moretz is a good actress. We've seen LET ME IN. We love Tom and Jerry the characters because we grew up enjoying their antics. And yet, this movie, directed by Tim "TAXI, FANTASTIC FOUR, BARBERSHOP" Story --One of the worst directors in the industry working today--craps all over all of those things, and makes you hate them all. It's corny, stupid, unfunny, and annoying.

In other words, if I had a choice between watching TOM AND JERRY (2021) again or getting bludgeoned in the brains with a mallet, I would choose the goddamn mallet!

Don't bother watching this abomination on HBO Max!


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