• Esta Rosevear


What a momentous moment for Randall to finally know his birth story, one he has been searching for all his life.

I never dreamed how emotional Randall’s answers would be for everyone watching THIS IS US.

When Randall sat quietly, tears streaming down his cheeks, we felt his anguish. When Randall walked into the lake, screamed his pain for all and no one to hear, we surrounded him and raised him up. We believed what he saw. By just being witness, we felt the love and the huge weight lifted from our own shoulders.

Forgiveness...light...love. This is what Randall’s arc achieved in less than 60 minutes of THIS IS US. This is what all of us are searching for as well. How can we let go of our own anger, hurt and grief in this upside down world?

I am looking forward with Randall. His life’s journey is finally an open book.

THIS IS US is available on Peacock.


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