• Tavish Mohanti


THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END by Adam Silvera is a deeply impactful novel that will leave you thinking for days.

What does it mean to truly live? This is a question not unique to THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END; it’s discussed in countless movies, books, and television shows. But, the beauty of Silvera’s novel is not the question he poses, but rather, the vehicle through which he does so. Combining science-fiction and romance, the world, background, and premise that Silvera molds are unlike anything I’ve read before.

And, while the ending is printed right there on the cover in big block letters, Silvera keeps you guessing. Flipping through the pages, I constantly wondered: How? When? Where? I didn’t think it possible for a book to make me so anxious, but here we are.

I also didn’t think it possible for a book to make me feel so thoroughly invested in a love story that unfolds in a mere twenty-four hours, but once again, Silvera proves me wrong. Falling in love in one day is ridiculous, unrealistic, impossible even. But, Silvera makes the relationship between the boys feel completely and viscerally authentic.

Unfortunately, Silvera falls prey to some teen cliches, and it's painfully obvious the dialogue is written by a thirty-something-year-old man trying to sound like a high school teenager (His references to social media are especially cringe-worthy).

But, this novel is still an easy and great read. While it might lead you to a full-blown existential crisis, it is entertaining and definitely worth experiencing.

THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END is available in print.


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