Day 5 of Spoiler Free Review's 12 days of Christmas

“You can cry to it. You can run to it. You can party to it.”

Sarah (Mindy Kaling) discusses why WRECKING BALL is a perfect song.

Director Jonathan Levine (50/50 and LONG SHOT) delivered audiences an overlooked Christmas / Chanukah classic back in 2015. THE NIGHT BEFORE may be an offensive drug-fueled adventure, but at its core it is a perfect cocktail of holiday spirits.

A group of New York friends celebrate Christmas every year by getting wasted together. Cut to 10 years later, they are all grown up and about to embark on one last night with each other. This simple premise works so well as audiences will be rooting for protagonist Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to win back his ex. It gets complicated along the way, but what holiday movie doesn’t?

Simply put, THE NIGHT BEFORE is the WRECKING BALL you want to have crash into your living room this holiday season.

It is available to laugh-out-loud to via Hulu.


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