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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

When Cecilia, played by Elizabeth Moss, escapes an abusive relationship, her crazy Ex commits suicide, leaving her a sizable fortune. But she believes he is not dead, just invisible, and is stalking her. Of course, no one believes her until, well, people start believing her.

This isn’t your Grand Dad’s THE INVISIBLE MAN, releases in 1934, and starring Claude Raines in a defining role. While that movie was groundbreaking and creepy for its time, this modern update is downright scary. In a vanity (and apparently make-up) free role, Elizabeth Moss embodies the torment of someone slowly losing their mind but certain they are not crazy. Based on the H.G Wells from 1897, (1897!) this horror show hits all the right beats, from the Cecelia’s “is-she-crazy?” POV shots, to the awesome, jumpy score by Ben Wallfisch.

I hate horror movies so I really hated THE INVISIBLE MAN. Go See It Now!

Available on HBO Max, Apple TV+ and Prime Video.


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