SNOWPIERCER 🤩 at Home Edition

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Before Oscar winning director, Bong Joon Ho made PARASITE, he made the video game like 2013 indie-gem SNOWPIERCER.

The simple premise - a failed global-warming experiment kills life on the planet. The survivors are on a train that travels around the globe, keeping them alive. The low-class live at the back and the high-class at the front…until Captain America’s Chris Evans starts a revolt.

The film is a violently funny shot of adrenaline that is one part Terry Gilliam absurdity and another part non-stop action that would fill a Michael Bay wet-dream. If that wasn’t enough, it also surprisingly has a message about social class commentary that audiences won’t forget once they get off the train ride anytime soon.

It is currently available to stream on Netflix and the TV series launches on TNT in May.


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