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What if there was a major worldwide event that affected pretty much everyone and everything and you were the last to know? That’s the basic premise of 2020’s SAVE YOURSELVES!, a fun, science-fiction romantic comedy that deserves a larger audience than it’s had.

We live in a world where it’s hard to disconnect from the internet. Whether we’re tied to our computers or phones, we pretty much have to force ourselves to disconnect. Stars Sunita Mani (GLOW) and John Reynolds (SEARCH PARTY) as Su and Jack respectively, are a likable young New York City couple who just want to get away from the daily grind for a few days. The film almost entirely hinges on the performance of these two talented actors and they’re both funny and sweet enough to carry the story and bring us, the audience, along for the ride.

While we quarantine day after day, especially those of us who live alone or with one other person, we may long for just a few moments to get away from it all. I know I do. But after watching SAVE YOURSELVES!, you may second guess turning off your phone or heading into ‘no-signal’ territory.

SAVE YOURSELVES! is currently streaming on Hulu.


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