• David Freedman - Just Seen It


In what feels very much like a remake of LOST IN TRANSLATION, another movie by Sofia Coppola, and starring Bill Murray, we slog through an endless series of “Two Rich People Complaining in a Restaurant or a Bar.”

Bill is the Dad and Rashida Jones is the daughter who believes her over-worked husband might be having an affair. Then, through a series of sitcom-style vignettes, instead of building tension, we build boredom. Sure, Bill, Rashida and Marlon Wayans as the possibly wayward husband, do fine jobs playing their archetypes. And the endless restaurant and bar scenes do have Bill offering some snappy dialogue. But with the annoyingly dark cinematography, so dark that I had to crank up the brightness on my TV, I kept pausing the movie to see how much time was left before I found out, but really did not care, if he was or wasn’t having an affair.

Available on APPLE TV, great performances in ON THE ROCKS cannot save the dark, slow pacing and repetitive storytelling.

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