Updated: Jan 23

BREAKING NEWS: NEWS OF THE WORLD fails to hitch its wagon to a compelling ride worthy of the $20 admission price.

Director Paul Greengrass is known for his shaky camera work, yet he surprisingly adapts to fit the techniques of the western without completely losing his signature style. It helps that he’s re-teaming with Tom Hanks. The two previously worked together on the superior CAPTAIN PHILLIPS.

This timely episodic tale has hints of relevance with “fake news” moments and the anger spewing racism it creates. However, the film is more focused on Hanks’s relationship with 10 year old newcomer, Helena Zengel. Their scenes together are dynamic, however it’s not enough to carry the weight of the movie’s theme where both characters are learning that “to move forward, they must remember first.”

What stuck with me most from NEWS OF THE WORLD is Hanks’s rendition of Captain Kidd, a truth teller in a post civil war world that is not ready to hear the truth.

The TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) per my friend, “NEWS OF THE WORLD is CASTAWAY, with Johanna playing the part of Wilson.”

It is available on all VOD (Video on Demand) services.


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