Yes, there's a bit of love, a lot of death, and a few robots in this HEAVY METAL animated sci-fi series. Season two returns with another mixed bag of animated shorts. It continues to be different but can't quite soar due to the weight of the bad episodes. Here's a list of each episode ranked:

  1. AUTOMATED CUSTOMER SERVICE 🤩 - Woohoo, a BRAZIL Katherine Helmond reference to kick things off. This nightmarish laundry edition perfectly unfolds to a fun conclusion that left me wanting more.

  2. ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE 🤩 - A stop-motion-inspired Christmas tale that could be a full-length feature. Please always remember what happens to kids if they "weren't good" last year. 😂

  3. THE TALL GRASS 🤩 - Computer animation that looks like a classically drawn painting turns into a RESIDENT EVIL thrill ride. Once this train leaves, you won't want to get off.

  4. POP SQUAD 🤩 - The uncanny valley surprisingly breaths life in this futuristic neo-noir story where if you want to live forever, you have to abandon and kill kids. The camera and music scream BLADE RUNNER, but the conclusion is too simple for what comes before it.

  5. SNOW IN THE DESERT 😊- A man whose body can re-animate should've been a PS5 video game instead of an animated short.

  6. LIFE HUTCH 🤮 - Michael B. Jordan can't save what's essentially a robot cat game with a laser pointer.

  7. ICE 🤮- A killer whale chase for zero reasons is the center of this teenage action segment. The entire short should've been left at sea instead of landing like a beached whale in the series.

  8. THE DROWNED GIANT 🤮 - A dead giant washes up on shore, forcing people to question their existence. Then, credits. Skip this one and prevent being drowned with the giant.


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