Updated: Jan 20


Day 12 of our 12 Days of Christmas

"General opinions are starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed – but I don’t see that. I have a sneaky feeling that love actually is all around.”

LOVE,ACTUALLY is the perfect rom-com that somehow masterfully connects twenty some odd stories with the spirit of Christmas and falling in love. It’s a classic that holds a special place in my heart since its initial release in 2003.

2003 - I saw the film twice in theaters on the same day and proclaimed that director Richard Curtis is the best rom-com creator in the industry.

2004-2014 - I created a tradition to watch LOVE, ACTUALLY every holiday season to remind me that “love actually is all around me.”

2015 - I flew to Heathrow Airport on Christmas eve expecting there to be love all around. Unfortunately, there was not.

2018 - My wife took me to see the limited stage show in Los Angeles during the Christmas season and love was actually all around me, once again.

2020 - 18+ viewings later, I still embark on the experience to “get the shit kicked out of me by love” by re-watching this classic. I am excited to recommend it this Christmas on #SFR.

It is available to rent on all premium video services.


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