• David Freedman - Just Seen It


Updated: Dec 4, 2020

This self-indulgence would be just fine is it was funny. It is not. I sat there for the first half an hour with that stupid smile on my face, waiting for funny to happen. I did not. Kevin, so needy for the fame monster, does about an hour of standup on stage built in his living room, to a small, dutiful, mask-wearing, socially distanced audience. The camera kept cutting away to audience members slapping their knees and appearing, from behind their masks, to be laughing uproariously. You will not.

Kevin's previous stand-up specials have been hilarious so I can only imagine that this misfire is a result of his own needs to vent. Cheaper than a therapist for him - but I am not his therapist. KEVIN HART - ZERO F**KS GIVEN - and neither do I. <sigh>

Available on Netflix.


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