Updated: Apr 11

The lesson in this week’s INVINCIBLE is twisted, “Sometimes people aren’t who they appear to be, but helping someone is never beneath you.” From Mark hiding his superhero identity, Debbie doubting her husband’s secret, and Titan’s motivations to help his family, each character is someone they do not appear to be. That theme plays to drastic results. The end battle is a bloody mess that puts our hero in real danger and possibly reveals a new big bad.

Despite the tropes of Mark failing in his normal life as his superhero world expands, this episode is about the notion of doing the right thing based on your values. Titan’s inner-city street directly clashes with Mark’s rich suburban values. Watching these two from different upbringings take on Machine Head this week is a treat audiences will not want to miss.

Our heroes “actually hurting” is the definition for compelling TV that has me excited for next week’s #InvincibleFriday on Prime Video.


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