• Justin T


Updated: Jan 20

HOW TO WITH JOHN WILSON is the best television show of the year. Maybe even the last few years.

A fully fleshed out version of the documentary style videos that gave him a cult following, Wilson walks viewers through tutorials for mundane tasks over six zany, heartfelt episodes. It’s the tethered “Humans of New York” – brief glimpses into the “every-day” life in the five boroughs, without the glamour and romanticization.

Each episode, Wilson manages to turn a seemingly vapid narrative, random, throwaway footage of the city and awkward narration into poetry, an archive of pre-pandemic life that we’ve all come to miss in the last eight or so months.

As I finished the season finale the other night, I genuinely could not believe how genius this show is.

While this show isn’t for the masses, fans of last years I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE and HOW TO’s executive producer Nathan Fielder will absolutely not want to miss this.

All six episodes are available now on HBO Max and demand your immediate attention.


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