• David Freedman - Just Seen It


Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Truly one of the most unusual documentaries I have seen in a while. Director Kirsten Johnson, realizing that her Dad, Dick Johnson is slowly succumbing to dementia, decides to kill him. I kid you not. Kirsten stages a series elaborate fake deaths of her Dad, with her Dad as the star and accomplice.

He falls down the stairs. He gets whacked in the head, etc. She even plans to stage a fake funeral for him, with all their family and friends in attendance. While this is really not a true documentary, because, to be frank, all the ‘deaths’ are scripted and staged, her unique process of preparing for the inevitable regarding her Dad, is just plain outrageous. What makes this doc so fascinating is you cannot tell what is fiction and what is non-fiction. DICK JOHNSON IS DEAD - Long Live Dick Johnson.

Available on Netflix.


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