Updated: Oct 1, 2020

I <3 Spike Lee, so it pains me to say DA 5 BLOODS is not quite the message joint he was hoping for. As the film leads wander around countless jungle sequences that don’t propel the story forward, I found my mind equally wandering away from the screen.

So is it still worth it? Sure. Spike is still the most prolific director working today with films that have never felt more timely. This joint just doesn’t soar to the heights of his last one, BLACKKKLANSMAN.

Here are “Da Top 5” good things about the flick:

The historical footage of African-American heroes weaved into the narrative is masterfully done

Delroy Lindo’s maddening APOCALYPSE NOW like performance is Oscar worthy

Terrance Blanchard’s haunting score mixed with Marvin Gaye is literally music to the audience’s ears

The amount of fun the 5 leads are having makes their friendship on screen all the more believable

Isiah Whitlock Jr when he finally says, “sheeeitttttt””

It is currently available to stream on Netflix.


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