• Tavish Mohanti


Illustration by Tavish Mohanti

As a bona fide Billie Eilish fan, I wanted to love BILLIE EILISH: THE WORLD’S A LITTLE BLURRY. However, it lacked the unconventionality and boldness that make Eilish special.

Running at over two and a half hours long, the documentary felt monotonous, bereft of Eilish’s trademark spunk and spice. While it covered some fascinating vignettes, the documentary rushed through the impactful moments of Eilish’s story and dwelled on the uninteresting and unimportant details just a little too long.

Where other musician-centered documentaries like Taylor Swift’s MISS AMERICANA provide new depth and dimension to these superstars, THE WORLD’S A LITTLE BLURRY added nothing new to Eilish’s epic story.

In an ocean of similar biopics and documentaries, this one failed to standout. It was all of the things Eilish is not: uninventive, uninspired, and unremarkable.

While all of this is true, if you are a superfan like me, it is still worth watching to learn more about her artistic process and find the little gems and fun personal moments buried under the rest of the poorly-paced and unoriginal film.

BILLIE EILISH: THE WORLD’S A LITTLE BLURRY is available to stream on AppleTV+


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