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I don’t always remember to follow Danish film releases, but when I do, I usually come out of the films grateful for this experience. ANOTHER ROUND (or DRUK, the original title in Danish), is one of those films that was such a pleasure to watch, thanks in part to the pairing of director Thomas Vinterberg and star Mads Mikkelsen. The duo has worked together in the past on the acclaimed film THE HUNT and their dynamic shines again here throughout.

Even with a mostly easy-going attitude, ANOTHER ROUND had moments that were difficult to watch, especially if you’ve ever had to deal with a very intoxicated friend or been that person yourself. The film works as an enjoyable dramedy, but also on another level with messages about friendship, mid-life crises, and pushing oneself beyond our comfort zone, sometimes into places we should never go. It never hits us over the head with these messages at all, so even if you don’t feel them, your enjoyment of the film won’t be diminished. I expect to see this film pick up an Academy Award nomination this year for Best International Feature Film.

Cheers to ANOTHER ROUND, now streaming on most platforms for less than the cost of a drink.


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