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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Everything old is new again with Hulu’s latest reboot, Animaniacs, coming to us 22 years after the popular 90’s show went off the air. Thankfully, our Warner brothers Yakko and Wakko and Warner sister Dot are just as ‘zany and totally insaney’ as we remember them. Pinky and the Brain are also back, still spending their nights ‘trying to take over the world’. Episode 1 fills us in on what our characters have been up to the last 22 years, and we’re off with 13 episodes of jokes and pranks at the incredibly rapid-fire pace as they always did. But we’re different viewers in 2020 than we were in the mid-90s; YouTube and social media have made clever fast-paced comedy a norm for us now, and the Animaniacs are fully aware of not getting stuck in the nostalgia rut, literally.

The show shines with non-stop inside jokes that will please the viewers who grew up on the 90’s version, but also includes enough fresh pop-culture references to win over a new generation. Brain even seems to have turned over a new endearing leaf for his best friend Pinky, highlighted in one of the season’s best segments, “Future Brain”. As the theme song goes, ‘the trolls will say we’re so passe, but we did meta first’; they did and they're still the best at it.

Animaniacs are putting baloney in their slacks over on Hulu.


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