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I have waited for ZOOEYS EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST to premiere and the first episode did not disappoint.

ZOOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST showed all of us what it is like to return to the world after grieving a death or even a pandemic. All of the lost feelings Zooey tried to compartmentalize overflowed as she was forced to step outside and breathe fresh air once again.

The musical numbers were fantastic as always. They pushed the story forward and gave each main character a chance to showcase their talents. They surrounded Zooey with compassion and tough love so she was able to "carry on."

Will ZOOEY make more champagne mistakes this season? I am sure she will, but I will be there for her as she navigates her journey with music and dance interludes.

It's available to sing-along to on Peacock.

Scandal and scintillating, sexy scenes...these are my first thoughts that come to mind when watching BRIDGERTON. After I am able to catch my breath, I am aware of the amazing, total color blind casting, spectacular period costumes, sets and a mystery plot line to keep us all on our toes.

The BRIDGERTON world is one I want to join. I say YES to dancing with gorgeous, hunky men and gossiping all night long. It's an escape from our reality and worth every lusty moment.

This is a Shonda Rhimes production and she does not disappoint or hold back on hooking us for desiring a season 2. I will wait with bated breath.

The entire first season is available to satisfy everyone's yearnings on Netflix.

Can't get enough BRIDGERTON? Check out Mike's review from earlier this month.

VIRGIN RIVER is a true romantic soap opera-ish series that is totally believable.

The characters ring true to people we might have met in our everyday lives. The location is spectacularly stunning. Their problems, grief, loves, joy, laughter, and sense of community is what made me watch both seasons of this series.

I found myself wanting to start my day eating breakfast at Jack’s Bar, hiking and fishing along the VIRGIN RIVER. Followed by taking a nap in those quaint, inviting, not over-the-top cabins, all the while knowing I would be looked after by the kind townspeople. I was gently mesmerized.

Season 3 has already been announced and I will be waiting for you in VIRGIN RIVER

It is available on Netflix.


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