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In this CNN documentary mini-series, Ravi Patel takes a light hearted approach to discussing some of the most difficult topics in life. Each episode covers a theme ranging from aging, parenting, death and immigration. With his big eyed childlike wonder and his ability to intently listen to others, Ravi simplifies these huge themes to a personal level by exposing his own life.

While HOW TO WITH JOHN WILSON showcased what it means to have human connection from an awkward narrator’s point of view, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS has similar themes but through the eyes of an extroverted unabashed optimist.

The poignant sequences with Ravi grappling with questions like, “how many visits do I have left with my parents before they pass?” and the regret he experiences for being a workaholic and missing huge moments in his child’s life are instantly relatable. As we watch Ravi explore these themes, we are witnessing him become more aware of what life is all about. That simplistic honest look is what makes this show so profound. He has an ability to move audiences with universal truths as he tries to get a deeper understanding of humanity.

The entire series is available now on HBO Max.

Holy sh*t!!! Anthony Hopkins turns in one of the best performances of his career as he plays a man with dementia. There have been several movies that show the effects that dementia has on those around the person who is sick (THE NOTEBOOK, STILL ALICE and AWAY FROM HER), but none have shown the brutal effects of this disease from the patient’s perspective with such raw honesty...until THE FATHER.

As a kid, I grew up watching my Grandma suffer from dementia. There were times she’d yell at my dad to lose weight, thinking he was still in high school. Other times she thought I was a female nurse demanding that she take her pills. It was heartbreaking.

Writer/director Florian Zeller adapts his play showing occurrences like these but from Anthony’s perspective. Is the nurse his daughter? Is his daughter going to Paris? Is his son-in-law abusing him? We don’t know. As the disease gets worse, we watch in fear as Anthony cries for his Mommy one minute and the next, is back looking for his watch.

This is miles away from the upbeatness of THE NOTEBOOK and that's the point. This helluva disease destroys people.

This is a tough viewing experience, but one that demands your time once it is released on VOD the 26-Feb.

Want a second opinion on THE FATHER - check out David's review here.

The first season of SERVANT combined just enough M. Night Shyamalan suspense and mystery (SIXTH SENSE, UNBREAKABLE) while limiting the kookiness that plagued his later work (THE HAPPENING, LADY IN THE WATER). Season 2 picks up where season one left off, yet what’s missing are any “signs” of real suspense.

The plot device of taking a grieving mother made the first season a standout for Apple TV+ that audiences sadly overlooked last year. I am still all in, wanting to learn how husband Sean (Toby Kebbell) and wife (Lauren Ambrose) will actually cope with the loss of their son(s).

🤞the double crossing drama minimizes and the other worldly suspense creeps back into this eerie TV series.

The first episode is available on Apple TV+.


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