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“I wrote the notes that liked each other."

McCARTNEY 3, 2, 1 is a hidden diamond for anyone who has ever listened to the Beatles. It is truly a laid-back, master class of music and history.

There are six episodes in this unique series, 30 minutes each. We are privileged to watch Paul and music producer, Rick Rubin, discuss, dissect and question songs we grew up listening to on the radio. There is only a sound mixing board, a piano, and two chairs. The screen is black and white. It is as if we are standing hidden in a corner as these two geniuses tear apart, reconstruct and replay our favorites. Never before seen clips are shared, and Sir Paul tells endless stories. Tidbits most of us have never been privy to hear.

McCartney shared personal info about each of the Beatles. He made them all seem like normal, ordinary guys who, by chance, found each other and were able to create magic. Rick and Paul delved into the hidden sounds and inspirational moments behind the musical notes. It was mind-blowing and spectacular.

I learned how Sgt. Pepper got its name, Yesterday was a dream, and The Long and Winding Road found its final notes. McCARTNEY 3, 2, 1 is a gift for all future generations. It is a phenomenal journey I shared with Paul just by watching. Turn up the sound, put down your other devices and just listen. It is worth every minute of your time. Paul gave us golden nuggets of knowledge and entertainment. I wanted it to never end.

McCARTNEY 3, 2, 1 is available to stream on Hulu.

In the tradition of MYTHIC QUEST'S BACKSTORY episode, we get a Lil Dicky backstory with his best friend, Emma (Christine Ko). The story cuts back to 2013, with Dave and Emma both working at an ad agency. In this flashback-heavy episode, audiences get to see the birth of Norm Bender, who eventually becomes Lil Dicky.

Appreciatively, there are a lot fewer dick jokes this week. It's fun seeing 2013 with references to Chat Roulette, THE TRUMAN SHOW, and more. But what works the most is seeing Dave before he was a fully realized narcissist. He bumps Kanye's Yeezy, and the shades of inspiration as to where his character is heading are present. Yet, in 2013, Dave is a genuinely nice Jewish boy working at a job he believes he's better than. That narrative core makes audiences once again care about Dave's future.

This episode also has a lot to say about women and Asian discrimination in the workplace. Through the lens of Emma, audiences see it first hand. The underutilized actor, Christine Ko, is up for the task, turning in her best performance yet in the series.

In the words of the ad that Dave and Emma are producing, audiences should "do the Dew" and check out episode 7 on FX.

RATCHET AND CLANK set itself apart from the competition and is an early candidate for GOY (Game of the Year). I don't know where to begin in singing the praise for the best game in the series. I immensely loved every minute of my 100% playthrough.

Rather than just make the prettiest game ever with zero load time, Insomniac went even further by fine-tuning the combat, platforming, and story. And that story is the closest a video game has ever been to capturing the heartfelt magic of Pixar 😢.

RIFT APART blends three different classic games into one thrilling experience:

  1. It shines like UNCHARTED with breathtaking chase sequences and fighting. The chase sequences are flawlessly executed, including dragons, spaceships, and so much more. The platforming action is paired with strategic button-mashing fun. But, of course, it has the RATCHET AND CLANK twist. So gamers get silly weapons like the Topiary Sprinkler that fertilizes enemies and the Cold Snap, which turns them into ice cubes. For a fun easter egg with the Cold Snap, put the controller to your ear - you won't be disappointed.

  2. It separates the two lead characters ala LAST OF US II with two meaningful stories that equal a bigger whole. Although this game isn't anything like that violent/scary thriller, it takes that plot mechanism and uses it in inventive ways with Ratchet and Rivet.

  3. The ZELDA-like collectibles and weaponry are gaming perfection. You'll find yourself exploring the wastelands of various planets trying to find every Gold Bolt and Space-Bot to see what type of armor it might unlock. And it's all worth it.

So if you own a PS5, have 12 hours to kill, you can do no wrong with the first real reason to own the new Playstation.


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