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This French-language action thriller series on Netflix was a huge hit before being released in the US. So, I was eager to watch this story about Assane Diop, a ‘gentleman thief’ planning on avenging his wronged father by executing a daring robbery at The Louvre.

Played confidently by Omar Sy, this stylish heist drama hooked me right away, until I was unhooked by the horrible English language dubbing and lousy sound redesign that accompanies it. Why wasn’t the show just released in its original French language with subtitles? I didn't even know that language dubbing was still a thing. Sorry, but I have always said that sound plays a huge part in visual storytelling and this is one of those ironic instances.

Watch the French-language version with subtitles, the current English-dubbed version on Netflix is distracting.

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John Belushi was a force of nature, and much like Lenny Bruce, fearless both in his comedic performances and in his life. The driving spine of this documentary is the many touching letters that Belushi sent to his beloved wife, Judy.

Like most great artists, Belushi was, deep down, needy and shy, and his emotions are clearly on display here. Judy, and all of his closest friends and compatriots from Saturday Night Live, including SNL creator Lorne Michaels and closest buddy Dan Aykroyd, frankly discuss John’s talent along with his weaknesses, and the real character arc of him dealing with the huge fame and the almost inevitable downward spiral into drugs and his eventual death from an overdose (I am assuming this is NOT a spoiler alert).

BELUSHI is an intimate, loving and unflinching tribute to a truly American comic legend.

It is available on Showtime.

OVER THE GARDEN WALL spins the tale of brothers Wirt (yes, his name is Wirt) and Greg hopelessly lost in a strange forest.

Clocking in at a mere 110 minutes (Ten 11 minute episodes), this Cartoon Network mini-series from 2014 is the perfect length and format for the story it tells. The show is a perfect mix of cute and creepy - the animation style is evocative of 30s and 40s cartoon art, which lends itself so well to the bizarre (and sometimes disturbing) characters Greg and Wirt encounter.

The Emmy-winning series was created by Patrick McHale, who's best known for his work on ADVENTURE TIME and the upcoming Guillermo del Toro's adapation of PINNOCCHIO, and stars Elijah Wood as older brother Wirt. If you're looking for a low-commitment show to watch that will have you smiling as you watch it but may also give you nightmares, OVER THE GARDEN WALL is for you. OVER THE GARDEN WALL is available to stream on HBO Max.


A safe space for discovering reviews

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