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STILL GAME is a wonderful, sweet, honest, humorous, sometimes cantankerous view of life in Scotland for the retired and living on meager pensions.

STILL GAME is centered around two elderly men who have been friends since childhood. They have been together through all of life’s sorrows and joys Including the death of each other’s spouses. Their small lives are shared with a few key characters and an everyday visit to their local pub. Yet each story told is universal and meaningful to those of us who are of that age.

I found myself always chuckling, shedding a tear or just rolling my eyes at all their antics.

They are like so many of us...just wanting to live life until we can’t.

STILL GAME will most definitely need closed captioning and is available to stream on Netflix.

After this week’s episode, SERVANT season 2 is officially lost in space.

I wish I could go back and hypnotise myself to forget SPACEMAN. The M. Night kookiness has crept in replacing any sense of suspense. The only compelling reason to tune in this week is Rupert Grint, who continues to shed his HARRY POTTER persona with a dark, angry yet funny performance as grieving Uncle Julian.

It’s available to skip on Apple TV+

“It’s the little things that rip you apart, it’s the little things that get you caught.”

THE LITTLE THINGS is instantly forgettable and proves that HBO Max is going to have to do more than just attract star talent. After WONDER WOMAN 84 and this dud, they are 0-2 from a critical and audience perspective.

John Lee Hancock’s (A PERFECT WORLD, THE BLIND SIDE) latest was written in the '90s and should’ve been left there. For every step forward that David Fincher has taken the genre, Hancock just took it equal steps back.

It’s the little things that rip this movie apart. From the poorly paced script, the ridiculous serial killer tropes to a predictable ending that was intended to blind side the audience. Every little plot point is recycled from better experiences (see MINDHUNTERS, SEVEN, ZODIAC).

It’s available to avoid on HBO Max 29-Jan.


A safe space for discovering reviews

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