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“At last the night has ended and so the new day dawns.” Yes! MYTHIC QUEST is back.

What started as a silly video game workplace drama with dick jokes has evolved becoming a comedy with heart and having the best Zoom worthy pandemic special last year. The show LARPS to this new special with the gang returning to the office for the annual Everlight tournament.

Ian, Poppy, David, Brad in Monetization, and the supporting cast all fight for the Everlight crown. The results? Hilarious. I loved seeing the group realize “they cannot defeat the darkness with a dick.”

While TED LASSO was the feel-good acclaimed comedy for Apple TV+ in 2020, MYTHIC QUEST was the underdog. In this special, they pull off one of the hardest feats on TV, the special effect comedy. There are countless failures of special effects ruining comedies (see THUNDER FORCE), but MYTHIC QUEST uses the effects to serve the story instead of taking away the comedy "light."

I can’t wait for the dawn of season 2 next month on Apple TV+.

Last week I stated, “I’ve decided to abandon this show and not return for season three.” I am now eating my words as FOR ALL MANKIND has returned from “triage” to be riveting appointment TV.

All of the chess pieces that have been painfully slow to set up throughout the season finally pay off. From Karen’s consequences of being a “Karen,” Gordo’s redemption, and the Russian’s reaction to the US blunder. It’s an action-packed dramatic addition that will leave audiences on the edge of their seat.

Creator Ronald D Moore has said he envisions FOR ALL MANKIND to be a more realistic STAR TREK. He takes that bold promise one step further by literally quoting and mentioning the classic episode TASTE OF ARMAGEDDON. The armageddon that comes is unexpected and ends on a perfect cliffhanger leading up to next week's season finale.

An unnamed character states, “people crave drama more than the truth.” I am glad that FOR ALL MANKIND is leaning into this by moving away from the silly suburban truths and into the space drama that people crave.

Houston, we have lift-off on Apple TV+ again!

  • Esta Rosevear

SPONTANEOUS is a gory, bloody, dark, teen comedy that had me smiling and thoroughly enjoying the chaos, even though I usually hate watching these types of movies.

Life is what it is. Sometimes there aren’t any reasons why horrible, unexplainable things happen to ordinary people. For all we know, humans could spontaneously combust at any given moment...and when they do, there will be bucket loads of blood.

The writing of SPONTANEOUS is fast paced and authentic. The casting made me believe these were teens and not older adults playing kids. And they could act. The tone was sarcastic and fresh. I loved the ending. It was nothing what I expected.

SPONTANEOUS parodied several movies in their dialogues and costumes. It was over the top, yet fit perfectly, and had me laughing out loud. This is an outrageous love story that must be seen for its sheer quirkiness and bloody entertainment.

SPONTANEOUS is available to stream on AMAZON PRIME.


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