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    Ingrid Goes West

    Ingrid Goes West

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    Good Time

    “Good Time” was a reminder that independent cinema can still be inventive, shocking, emotional and worthy of being seen on the big screen.


    Logan Lucky

    “Logan Lucky” is the perfect film to watch on Netflix.

    The Dark Tower

    “The Dark Tower” would be an acceptable summer blockbuster, only if it starred Wesley Snipes, was released in the late 90’s and wasn’t based on Stephen King’s labor of love.

    Brigsby Bear

    “Brigsby Bear” is a light-hearted nostalgic mash-up that includes a giant talking bear, child abduction and the best home made movie sequences since, “Me, Earl and the Dying Girl.”

    In other words, it’s an instant cult-classic that more people should see.

    Atomic Blonde

    “Atomic Blonde” is a mediocre movie that would make an amazing video game

    Spiderman Homecoming

    SpiderMan Homecoming is a better high school movie than a superhero movie…which is not a bad thing.

    An Inconvenient Truth

    Al Gore spoke afterward the three truths for climate change:

    Use your Voice

    Get out and Vote

    Get involved with your community



    As Christopher Nolan’s technical craftsmanship improves (“Dunkirk”), the empathy on the screen decreases.


    “Okja” is a delightful mess of a movie that’s part Terry Gilliam and part George Miller (“Babe: Pig In the City”/“Happy Feet” style). Better way of stating it, Bong Joon-ho made me believe a CGI super-pig had a soul.

    Baby Driver

    “Baby Driver” is the best musical I’ve seen since “La La Land.”

    The Big Sick

    “The Big Sick” is a refreshing take on the rom-com that should win over audiences and be a word-of-mouth hit once it’s released next weekend.

    Wonder Woman

    “Wonder Woman” is a good 90-minute movie wrapped up in 2 hours and 20-minutes.


    Bad acting and pacing can’t take away from the fact that “Sleight” is one of the most original movies of the year.


    “Colossal” is like the best and worst of “Black Mirror’s” latest season. It’s a brilliant mash-up of male “monster-like” sci-fi mixed with suburban human drama.

    With “Time Crimes” and his latest, Nacho Vigalondo is quickly becoming the most interesting man in the world…working in film.

    Ghost in the Shell

    Good news: I just took my best nap of 2017

    Bad news: the title of my nap was “Ghost in the Shell”

    John Wick: Chapter 2

    Watching Chad Stahelski’s unabashedly violent close-combat direction in “John Wick: Chapter 2” is like seeing John Woo’s “Hard Boiled” style before he went Hollywood. In other words - big thumbs up. 👍