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    Patriot's Day

    “Patriot’s Day” is a pretty good movie, but it feels like a real-life version of 24…make that 96 hours.

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Two viewings later and my semi-#SpoilerFreeReview thoughts on “The Last Jedi.”
















    Great moments, there are but those moments do not carry the emotional weight to substitute a story best told in 30-minutes over the course of 150-sleep inducing minutes.


    For how much progress “Coco” made in animated diversity… “Ferdinand” set us back the same amount.

    The Greatest Showman

    #SpoilerFreeReview I was wrong edition:

    I originally posted, “The Greatest Showman” is an amazing musical full of magic in search of a worthy movie to support it.”

    When I should have posted:

    “The Greatest Showman” is my guilty pleasure best movie of the year. It is dripping with over-romantic gestures, hand clapping/snapping worthy musical numbers and glossy “Moulin Rouge” inspired direction. Upon first viewing it feels distant, but the second time around, it wraps it’s musical hooks in you for #NowPressRepeat viewing/listening sessions.

    Long winded way of saying, the audience last night cried, applauded and left the theatre with a smile on their faces, which is more than I can say for “The Last Jedi.”

    “Dreaming with Your Eyes Wide Open”


    The art-house kids film, “Wonderstruck” inspires to soar to the heights of “Hugo,” but instead silently stumbles and settles for amazing visuals / sound design.


    3rd Viewing of “Coco” (Thanks MoviePass!) and I am still in love with this film because of three things (there are definitely more though):

    1. The groundbreaking animation does not cross over into “Polar Bear Express” uncanny valley despite having some of the best animated facial expressions on film
    2. The story is simple universal themes that utilize “Save the Cat” structure with every character having clear well-written motivation
    3. It takes the audience to a place of Miyazaki like wonder where every frame on the screen demands repeat viewings

    #UglyCryWorthy #IDidNotEvenMentionTheCatchySongs

    Molly's Game

    Aaron Sorkin’s new film, “Molly’s Game” is a tale of two movies — one part linear biopic grandeur and one part snooze inducing lawyer exposition.


    “Ladybird” is a small gem/coming-of-age story that makes you leave the theatre feeling nostalgic for adolescence in all the right ways.

    And spoiler alert; it is disappointingly not a prequel to “Ladyhawke.”

    The Shape of Water

    No #SpoilerFreeReview needed for one of the best films of 2017, “The Shape of Water.” Just a few Guillermo del Toro inspiring quotes from the Q&A to start your day:

    “An idea is a building , and if you go through the front door, it’s boring.”

    “There are no original ideas, the synthesis of your voice is the art”

    “The essence of love is not transformation - it’s acceptance”

    Only the Brave

    By focusing on character development versus cliches, “Only the Brave” take a straight-forward story and turns it into not only the ugly-cry fest of the year but also one of the year’s best films.

    Blade Runner 2049

    Donald Glover’s quote, “Nerdy is just liking stuff that takes work to like” best summarizes watching “Blade Runner 2049”


    David Gordon Green continues to add to his impressive cinematic resume with ”Stronger,” a film that at times defies conventional storytelling and looks at real/flawed people that survived the Boston Marathon yet were painted as heroes.

    It’s must see difficult-viewing that hopefully won’t be forgotten during award season.


    The new “IT” is a good (not great) episode of “Stranger Things.”