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    They should change the slogan of ‘Catfish’ to match ‘The Fight Club’ quote; ‘the first rule of catfish is: you do not talk about catfish.’

    Piranha 3-D

    I wish upon seeing buckets of blood and tons of topless women the first thought I had after seeing “Piranha 3-D” wasn’t, “where was the story?”

    Eat, Prey, Love

    Damn, “Eat, Prey, Love” is NOT a horror flick starring Julia Roberts.

    Scott Pilgrim vs the World

    Michael Cera’s shtick totally held “Scott Pilgrim” back from being even more awesome than what it should’ve been.


    “Splice” is the most unintentionally funny film of the year.


    That earthquake turned a boring action sequence in the “A-Team” into one of the best action moments of the summer

    Crazy Heart

    “Crazy Heart” is like “The Apostle.” Great lead performance that almost turns a good movie into greatness.


    If “The Matrix” is the last decade’s “Star Wars,” then “Avatar” is totally this decade’s version of it.

    The Blind Side

    “The Blind Side” is not the feel good movie of the year it’s the hallmark movie of the year bwcause there’s no conflict until the two-hour mark

    Red Cliff

    “Red Cliff” plays like the Chinese version of “Lord of the Rings,” but with more dove shots.

    Me & Orson Wells

    “Me & Orson Wells is like light Woody Allen, but with the Richard Lanklater’s lackadaisical charm.

    District 9

    “District 9” is like watching a “Half Life 2” movie.