Written by: Aaron (Dobler) Goldstein. Follow along on twitter.

    Like Crazy

    ‘Like Crazy’ is sure to become the overrated independent film everyone is talking about. If only it lived up to all that festival hype.


    50/50 is a solid 90/100


    ‘Drive’ is totally this year’s ‘The American’ - highly recommend it.


    ‘Contagion’ is the most important zombie movie of the year.

    The Change Up

    Thanks to ‘The Change Up,’ I no longer think poop jokes are funny.

    Another Earth

    “Another Earth” is the perfect example of how to make thought provoking independent cinema.

    Super 8

    My no spoiler review of Super 8.

    ‘Super 8’ is the _______ of the ______ except for the ______ making it a ________ experience.


    The rainbow bridge in “Thor” looks similar to rainbow road in “Mario kart.”


    “Hanna” has the best single shot and soundtrack so far in 2011. Too bad the movie isn’t as good.


    April Fool’s Day Edition: “HOP” is absolutely the best movie of 2011 and everyone should take their entire family to see it!


    I want the 2 hours and 19 minutes of my life back that I wasted watching Clint Eastwood’s “Hereafter.”


    They should change the slogan of ‘Catfish’ to match ‘The Fight Club’ quote; ‘the first rule of catfish is: you do not talk about catfish.’

    Piranha 3-D

    I wish upon seeing buckets of blood and tons of topless women the first thought I had after seeing “Piranha 3-D” wasn’t, “where was the story?”

    Eat, Prey, Love

    Damn, “Eat, Prey, Love” is NOT a horror flick starring Julia Roberts.

    Scott Pilgrim vs the World

    Michael Cera’s shtick totally held “Scott Pilgrim” back from being even more awesome than what it should’ve been.


    “Splice” is the most unintentionally funny film of the year.