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    Batman V Superman

    Three thoughts after seeing Batman V Superman:

    1. Michael Bay > Zack Snyder
    2. If comic books are our version of Greek mythology, this movie is the cliff notes to a better story
    3. Razzie Award winner for worst/best acting has a winner in 2016: Jesse Eisenberg

    Son of Saul

    Yes, “Son of Saul” is another holocaust movie.

    Yes, it’s brutally difficult to watch.

    Yes, there are subtitles and several different languages to keep track of.

    Yes, you probably should get over these factors and watch “Son of Saul,” which plays like an ode to the immersive storytelling techniques employed by “Chivo” (“Gravity,” “Birdman,” and “The Revenant”) the last three years.

    The Danish Girl

    Just finished watching “The Danish Girl.” Not quite 😴💤💤worthy like “Carol,” but definitely 😴.


    Just finished watching “Carol.” 😴💤💤

    The Hateful Eight

    “The Hateful Eight” is the eighth and worst Tarantino feature yet. I want my three hours (plus intermission back).


    Two out of three isn’t a bad thing, except for when it involves “Joy,” the third partnership for David O. Russell and Jennifer Lawrence. For all the high energy, original style and amazing acting, it can’t replace the human connection that was felt in “Silver Linings Playbook.

    The Good Dinosaur

    With the strange “western” themed “The Good Dinosaur,” Disney has now made two Dino films that work best when they are silent.

    The Revenant

    Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant is the closest a filmmaker (outside of David Gordon Green) has come to capturing the spirit of Terrance Malick. The plot (and dialogue) may be sparse, but the gut-wrenching universal themes mixed with Leonardo’s performance (give this guy an Oscar already) make for one of the toughest and best filmgoing experiences this year. Don’t miss it!


    While there’s nothing wrong with Spotlight Movie and its Oscar bait newspaper style driven world of yesteryear, there’s nothing that great about it either.

    "The Peanuts Movie" and "SPECTRE"

    Good nostalgia - The Peanuts Movie (the perfect family film for grown-ups to intro their kids to the beloved classic)

    Bad nostalgia - SPECTRE (the worst Daniel Craig version of Bond for parents to introduce their kids to 007)

    Steve Jobs

    “Steve Jobs” is the most Aaron Sorkin stylistically made movie yet. Upon leaving the theater I felt inspired to accomplish more in life, but only when in “walk and talk” mode.


    With great performances from its leading actors, “Trumbo” plays like a “greatest hits” version on the history of the Hollywood blacklist. It’s not necessarily bad filmmaking, but it does not compare to the far superior film of the same topic, “Guilty by Suspicion”


    I am not a fan of period pieces, which means the biggest praise I can give the new film “Brooklyn” is that it’s the most conventionally satisfying period piece of the year.

    Bridge of Spies

    I am having a hard time deciding if “Bridge of Spies” is more a Coen Brothers movie or a Spielberg one. Regardless, it’s nice to see two artists at the top of their game collaborate on such a good old-fashioned thriller.

    The Walk

    “The Walk” (in 3D IMAX) allowed me to feel presence that I’ve only experienced while using virtual reality. It’s the perfect marriage of VFX supporting the story (in a way only Zemeckis can achieve) and never giving up on your dreams.

    The Martian

    “The Martian” is the best NASA themed space movie since “Apollo 13” came out twenty years ago (how the hell has it been that long?).

    The Visit

    I don’t want to overhype it, but “The Visit” is M. Night’s best movie since 2002. It only took him over a decade to recapture his balance of sentimental, comedic, and horror tones.

    The Gift

    There’s a reason why “The Gift” has a 93% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. In a world where every suspense movie in theaters deals with cheap supernatural scare beats, it’s refreshing to see a a movie fit so gracefully into the thriller genre with character motivations that are believable and shocking (if you avoid the pesky trailer…).

    Fantastic Four

    Just how bad is the new “Fantastic Four?” Let’s just say that, “Howard the Duck,” “Elektra,” “Spider-Man 3,” both “Ghost Riders,” the original “Fantastic Four,” and it’s sequel are all better.