Written by: Aaron (Dobler) Goldstein. Follow along on twitter.

    Girl on the Train

    “Girl on the Train” is not a great movie. It’s an adequate thriller that will draw deserved comparisons to the equally distant tone of “Gone Girl.” The one striking difference between the two is the stirring Oscar worthy performance by “she-can-do-no-wrong” Emily Blunt.

    Deep Water Horizon

    “Deep Water Horizon” is a Peter Berg mash-up of “Friday night Lights” sentimentality and over the top “Battleship” action. What does that mean for the audience? A solid B movie worthy of admission.


    Storks is a surprisingly solid family flick/ #TrueStory of where babies come from…

    Magnificent Seven

    The new “Magnificent Seven” is a movie I’ll never remember and a cast I’ll never forget…from acting in far better movies.

    Bridget Jones's Baby

    “Bridget Jones’s Baby” is a perfect light-hearted rom-com that reminded me why I fell in love with her character in number 1 and almost made me forget her “nuking the fridge” in part II via the Thailand prison debacle.



    “Sully” is easily Eastwood’s best film since 2004’s “Million Dollar Baby.” With a short run time and no frills anesthetic, he once again proves that he is a legend (and at the age of 86!).


    “Snowden” is a solid biopic. Can’t say anymore. Fear of phone being tapped.

    Kubo and the Two Strings

    In a summer full of unoriginal sequels and remakes, it’s exciting to see animation like the melancholy “Kubo and the Two Strings” continue to stretch the boundaries in storytelling, imagination, visual style and Miyazaki-like themes.

    Hell or High Water

    The dude abides and turns in an Oscar worthy performance in the brilliantly understated “Hell or High Water.”

    Pete's Dragon

    In a summer full of sequels and remakes that lack imagination, “Pete’s Dragon” reminded me of a time when the term “Disney Classics” meant “magical” and movies viewed at home were on VHS.


    The new “JasonBourne” exists for three awesome action sequences.


    The new “Ghostbusters” is neither bad nor great. It is simply at the same level of enjoyment as “Men in Black III.”

    Captain Fantastic

    Although a bit flawed in pacing, “Captain Fantastic” is one of those films that sits with you long after seeing it. If you want to be depressed for two hours or see Viggo in an Oscar worthy performance, I highly recommend it.

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    Occasionally a movie comes along that is so crowd-pleasingly good you want to tell the world to check it out. That flick this year is - “Hunt for the Wilderpeople.”

    Think of it as a combo of “Little Miss Sunshine” charm mixed with mountain men in New Zealand and a dash of 2Pac. Oh, and it is 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes!

    Swiss Army Man

    “If you don’t know Jurassic Park, you don’t know sh*t.”

    - Hank

    “Swiss Army Man” is what would happen if Terrance Malick movies had fart jokes.

    The Lobster

    Find love in 45 days or be turned into an animal of your choice.

    Yes, that is actually the log line of the latest Colin Ferrall movie, “The Lobster,” which is the perfect hybrid of Terry Gilliam lunacy and Woody Allen observational comedy. And yes, it is hands down the most original film of 2016.

    Money Monster

    10 years ago “Money Monster” would’ve been a hit and a solid crowd pleaser. In today’s cinematic and television binge watching age, it plays like a second tier AMC show AKA TNT Drama with big name actors.

    Everybody Wants Some!!

    “Everybody Wants Some!!” is light Linklater and the perfect Sunday matinee to invoke good vibes.

    Sing Street

    With “Once,” “Begin Again” and now “Sing Street,” John Carney has crafted three timeless movies about love, music and passion.

    Best movie of the year in April…maybe.


    The Jungle Book

    The biggest compliment I can give “The Jungle Book” is that I cared more for the CGI characters than the live action man cub.